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Trio of Events
Anna Winther | Louise Muriel Burns | Grace Higgins Brown
Mend-a-Fruit: Workshop with Anna Winther
fri: 7pm | zoom | get tickets
sat: 7pm | zoom | get tickets
Meniscus Performance by Grace Higgins Brown

Participatory / Community Engaged Art, Culinary / Performance

Each of the events directly link to the works in the first issue of A(r)t Home Zine: Food for Thought which is being re-sold as part of the Festival — although the zine does not need to be owned in order to participate.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the contemporary art experience has gone digital. While this allows for the long-awaited, increased accessibility within the arts, it has resulted in little to no tangible interactions. The purpose of each of these events is to allow for the audience to engage with contemporary art in alternative ways that still allow for interaction and connection with others, from their own home. The workshop and socialising events are community-building and engaging, allowing for participants to have informal conversation with strangers. Hosting these events online also ensure the safety of participants from Covid-19.

Louise Muriel Burns (b. 1996) is an artist, curator and researcher, currently studying within the MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) programme at Glasgow School of Art & Glasgow University, due to graduate at the end of 2021.


The artist states:​

  • We will be giving clear advance warning for disturbing or upsetting images or footage

  • There will be flashing or strobe lighting but we will provide clear advance warning

  • Accessible information/bodies of text will be available (ie text only version readily available or on request etc.)

  • Alt text will be used for any images

  • Participants will be asked if they have assistive needs during the registration/ticketing process

  • Live captioning will be provided via OTTER

  • We will be providing audio descriptions of any speakers or visuals during live event(s)

*The above information has been provided by the artist and is subject to change due to covid and other factors. Please get in touch with the artist directly if you require more details.*

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