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previous programmes

History of the festival

Glasgow Open House Arts Festival was founded in 2013 by Glasgow School of Art graduates frustrated with the lack of opportunities available to them after graduating.


The founders aspired to improve the exclusive nature of the art world as they found it then in three main ways: offering opportunities for artists from diverse backgrounds at any stage of their career, expanding community engagement with art, and providing meaningful ‘spaces’ to engage with art and ideas. They hoped that by offering an alternative format for public interaction with art outside of the gallery/museum, they would generate discussion around the way art is exhibited and consumed.

The festivals’ 4 programmes of visual arts, performance and music included ambitious and exciting works in every corner of the city. Exhibitions and events were held in flats, gardens, sheds and other unexpected locations, reflecting the work of individual artists, collaborative groups and organisations. 

Watch this space for more from the archives coming soon!

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