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Insane Windows
Greer Pester, Ruby Pester, Sally Hackett, & B. Gilbert Scott
Garden | Domestic
12-5pm: fri | sat | sun | mon
Venue 11:
46 Fortrose Street
G11 5LP

Visual Art, Performance, Music

Insane Windows is a collective exhibition taking place in and around the grounds of a wild and beautiful B listed 1840s villa, home of the Pesters at 46 Fortrose Street, Partick. The show will honour and celebrate the various female artists who have lived and lodged in this magical big old house. With work from sisters Ruby and Greer Pester (whose father owns the property) and old and recent lodgers Sally Hackett and Belinda Gilbert Scott.

With a mixture of various mediums; inflatables, film, painting, performance and collage. They will be showing some work through the giant "Insane" windows of the property and throughout the vast garden and grounds, offering an opportunity for the public to explore this magical and green setting a little closer and experience some creative surprises in the process.

Greer Pester:
Greer Pester is a visual and social artist based in Glasgow. She studied at Edinburgh College Of Art. Her practice explores human intimacy and states of connection with nature, she is curious about creative play, life and death cycles, rituals, food and ecstatic experience. Bordered by colours and shapes that can often refer us to the infantile and feminine. Her work is material led. She works with collage, painting, tactile sculpture and text.

Ruby Pester:
Ruby Pester (born 1986) is a visual and social artist living and working in Glasgow. She is one half of the artist duo Pester & Rossi who have been creating collaborative work which mostly explores ideas of PLAY across Scotland and internationally since 2008. Her practice is collaborative in nature and derives from visual art leading to creating live art, sculpture, installation, public interventions and collaborations in response to people and places. Her practice includes hosting public events and workshops, often working with young people and being a tentacle of the artist band/beast Fallopé & the Tubes.

Sally Hackett:
Sally Hackett is an artist and educator living and working in Glasgow. Spurred by intuitive making, her work is predominantly centred around emotion and mental states. Recent exhibitions include: ‘A toilet is a wishing well’, Generator Projects (2020); ‘A Weakness for Raisins’, CCA, Glasgow (2018); ‘From Glasgow Women’s Library’ (2018); and ‘The Fountain of Youth’, Edinburgh Art Festival (2016).

Belinda Gilbert Scott:
Belinda Gilbert Scott's practice has two strands; performance, and painting. The performance often inspires the paintings and vice versa. The subject matter nearly always centres around the environment. Pauline and the Matches was set up in 2017 and has been developing demonstration performances ever since. These somewhat shambolic shows are aimed to bemuse and disarm the audience, with humour, opening up the space for inquiry into global environmental problems rather than forcing a message. | | | |

About the venue:

This is a magical space which has hosted many artists and lodgers over the years , it has a beautiful wild garden and orchard , it is distinctive but lacks opportunity to be shared with the public as it is up a steep drive and hidden behind lots of trees and foliage , this would be a great opportunity for folks to have a little peek in and see some wee and large bold artworks through the window and in the hidden garden. Artworks explore our human connection to nature and domesticity and vary in size colour and material.


The artist states:​

  • Information or printed text will be accessible (ie large form print readily available or on request etc.)

  • There is public transport nearby

  • The venue is only partially accessible with wheelchairs, there is access up the main drive but it becomes a bit more tricky along garden paths to other areas of the garden and along the edge or the windows sills, there will still be some visible parts but they may struggle to access all the areas.

*The above information has been provided by the artist and is subject to change due to covid and other factors. Please get in touch with the artist or venue directly if you require more details.*

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