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Venue 66_ An Alien Word You Want to Say,

GOHAF 2017: An Alien Word You Want to Say,
Alison McBride & Giovanni Giacola

windows in flats and houses

windows in nurseries, schools, colleges and universities

windows in community halls, hubs, and centres

windows in independent cafes, coffee shops, bars and restaurants

windows in independent shops (such as record shops, local food shops, book shops, charity shops etc.)

windows in libraries

windows in healthcare settings

windows in sheds

windows in empty shops or commercial units

windows in cars, vans and buses


community gardens

public parks


private gardens

car parks

green spaces

gap sites

balconies (performance)




advertising spaces


bus stops

the side of vehicles




shop shutters

bowling greens

tennis courts

examples of encouraged

online exhibitions

online film screenings

online performances

online discussion events

online conferences

online classes

online workshops

podcast episodes

radio shows

examples of online


Schools, community
groups & organisations

Are you an organisation, school or community group interested in taking part in the festival? Whether you already have your own creative ideas, want some help or ideas about how you can be involved, or want to discuss anything further, we want to hear from you! Contact Amalie for more info.

Guidelines for registering your interest in participating as part of the 2021 festival

This year's festival will look and feel very different from previous programmes, due to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will sadly not be encouraging participants to invite audiences into their own homes or any enclosed spaces as we have in the past, due to the unknown dangers and restrictions associated with the virus at the time of the festival in September.

Instead, we will be encouraging artists, organisations and the wider public to use the limited spaces available to them under the strictest level of national lockdown rules (such as windows, gardens and parks, balconies and doorsteps, shop-shutters, advertising space and online content), to create a safe socially distanced programme, free and accessible to all.

Participating artists are expected to be responsible for finding their own venue for the festival, that they will have negotiated terms of use for in advance of applying, with the owner or person/organisation in charge of the space.

Accessibility: We encourage applications from people with additional accessibility needs. The application form is available as a larger print document and can be sent out in print form if required. We would also consider telephone, handwritten, or video applications for those that would prefer. For more information about how the organisation can offer extra support to achieve better accessibility please contact us.

Glasgow Open House Arts Festival encourages artists to use alternative, domestic and public spaces to exhibit their art. By 'removing' art from conventional spaces, such as galleries and museums, and embedding it within the very fabric of the city the festival hopes to bring together and support the community to engage with the arts both as artists and audiences, where they feel most comfortable.

In order for the festival to build a tangibly alternative model for the sharing of art from galleries and museums, organisers will not be including any exhibitions or events that take place within a physical art gallery or museum building; rather encouraging participants to occupy spaces elsewhere within the heart of the community, or online.

If you would like to discuss further or would like some ideas about how to get involved, please do get in touch with the festival team!


alternative spaces

Social distancing 

We will be releasing guidelines specific to COVID-19 and social distancing rules for the festival, a little closer to the festival weekend. Organisers must take into consideration how they can ensure that no groups or gathering takes place.

Support for

We are a small voluntary team operating out of pocket for festival expenses. We are currently attempting to fundraise (via crowdfunding and applications to public and private funding pots) for festival expenses, fair wages for the team, and support for artists. However, what level of support we will be able to offer is very dependant on the success of this fundraising!

What does 'register your interest' mean?

This initial 'register your interest' stage of the application process is part of the festival team's research and development phase of planning for the festival. We are hoping to get a clearer idea of where, who, and what will be involved in this year's festival. This will be followed by a second, more detailed and formal 'Open Call' for applications as we enter the summer, once we have received decisions about what level of funding we will be awarded and therefore what level of support we can offer to participating artists.

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