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Alles Gut
Rachel McDermott
Other Outdoor | Steps
All: fri | sat | sun | mon
Venue. 16:
6DB The Sixty Steps
G20 6DB

Visual Art, Music


Alles Gut' is a photographic installation and an audio piece made up of voice notes for Glasgow Open House Arts Festival 2021 as part of the project 'Feeling Blue, Feeling Better'. It is a window into the personal conversations between two best friends, between Glasgow and Berlin, between heartache, fear, motivation and celebration. This installation is a thank you to the friend who is rarely present in person but continues to pull one out of the deep end.

Rachel's practice is an ever-changing conversation with herself and what bothers her, this could be angst towards those around her, social media or treading through heartache. Fully formed secrets are desperately processed into audio and visual confessions - never exposing herself completely - in an attempt to step towards acceptance.

"The Sixty Steps, located in the heart of the west end of Glasgow, was one of prominent Glasgow architect Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson’s last creations and is in daily use by the public today.   The Sixty Steps Preservation Trust is a charitable organisation dedicated to raising awareness of this seminal part of Glasgow's heritage with a view to a full restoration of the Sixty Steps to their former glory.  With the dedication of our volunteers, community, committee members and partners we strive to secure the support needed to preserve this important piece of Thomson’s architectural legacy as part of the local community and to bring the past, present and future together." Quoted from the Sixty Steps website.



The artist states:

  • Accessible information/bodies of text will be available (ie text-only version readily available or on request etc.)

  • The online aspect to this project is 1 x 6min audio piece and 1 x 60min radio mix accessible via a QR code on the visitors device - making the experience personal to the listener and on devices, they are used to

  • The venue is a set of public steps and therefore not suitable for wheelchair users

*Please get in touch with the artist directly if you require more details.*

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