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We Survive To Tell Our Tales
Garter (Margaret Archbold)
Garden | Domestic
Sat | Sun: 10am - 5pm
Venue 23:
17 Queen Square
G41 2BG

Visual Art

Outdoor sculptures/text in the front garden. Paintings in the back garden. Based on changing communication during the last year.

The artist states:
Having a long-standing interest in text, communication and the written word, I found myself artistically speechless for much of the last year or so. I turned back to painting and pottering around my studio and garden, as a way of processing my thoughts.

This in turn, eventually, led to a tangible route and new work. My sculptures are a mute interpretation of this recent period. But they are also an attempt to visualise unspoken family words from 1917/8. In particular, they are an exploration of a family story involving a 'Dead Man's Tent' somewhere in France, and how we survive to tell our tales.

My paintings are evidence of my re-exploring of old sketchbooks, developing past sketches into finished works. They have, since starting, offered a whole new direction and language between me and my work. This has carried my creativity through and ultimately out of lockdown.

Garter is the working name of Scottish artist Margaret Archbold. Born in Glasgow in 1970, Margaret graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1994, Garter thrives on drawing and working from life, whatever the weather.


The artist states:​

  • Both my spaces are fully accessible at all times - I have not had to make any changes

*The above information has been provided by the artist and is subject to change due to covid and other factors. Please get in touch with the artist directly if you require more details.*

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