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The Flourish House Artist Showcase
Flourish House
Online | Showcase
All: fri | sat | sun | mon

Visual Art, Participatory / Community Engaged Art

A showcase of work from members of Flourish House. All works in the exhibition have been made over the 18 months. A creative practice and outlet has been very important for many people during the pandemic. The Flourish House art group met online to connect, create with, and support each other. Much of the work was shared in their monthly mail out to members to brighten the harder days. Now they're able to meet again in person they'd like to share what they made during the lockdowns with the wider Glasgow community.

Flourish House is a mental health recovery community. Based on the International Clubhouse movement, they help people to build meaningful relationships through meaningful activity.

The Art Group at Flourish House is a space for members to relax and express themselves. Over the pandemic, this community of artists have been working together over zoom trying new approaches and techniques.

Art has been an important outlet for many people over the lockdown, as an activity to keep busy but also as a means of socialising and connecting with others.

The hours spent making and experimenting together while apart have been a very special and will not be forgotten.


*Please get in touch with the artist directly if you require more details.*

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