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Sign Of the Times: Environment and Covid Through Art
Relevo Arts [Curators: Luna Silvestri, Bianca Callegaro, Rose Berry, Belen De Bacco
Artists: The MO, Chrisilia Philiastides, Marta Roncalli, Troy Holt, Nicole Mattia, Sophie Stewart, Hyesung Im & Alberto Emiliano Durante.]
Online | Exhibition
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Visual Art

"2020 was a year that marked many people, like a Sign of the Times. As students, we got together digitally and encouraged others to explore this period through an exhibition that speaks to this moment. The eight featured artists share their personal and sensory experiences in the face of a long retrospective closure. The result is a chain of works in dialogue with one another, researching different aspects about life during the pandemic to which we can all relate.
With lockdown, the concept of the house has partly changed from a shelter to a cage: the exhibition invites you inside a shared personal space, where human thoughts and emotions drive you in many different directions. Once inside, the white cube hosts three general themes to be followed clockwise: the re-exploration and reaction to external spaces, the oppression within enclosed spaces and its impact on daily life and routine, and an exploratory attempt to reconstruct a shared memory.
With a curatorial path as rich in complexity and nuances as the situation of these times, full of revelations that apply at different levels, Sign of the Times is proposed as a collective exhibition where artists, curators and works of art interact with each other around the ways in which Environment, Time and Memory have affected us during 2020 and the ways in which our perception of these has been impacted by the pandemic." Quote From: Sign of the Times | Relevo (

Luna Silvestri (b. 2000) is an Art History student based in Glasgow. She is a founder of ArtGate, a blog that fosters artistic exchange through articles. She has interned at cultural institutions in Italy and in Scotland, including the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and the Burrell Collection in Glasgow. She is interested in the legal restitution of artifacts and post-colonial studies.

Bianca Callegaro (b. 1999) is a History of Art and Film and Television Studies (MA) student at the University of Glasgow. She is the co-founder and web/graphic designer of ArtGate. She has interned at several cultural institutions in Italy and the UK, such as The Hunterian Art Gallery, Six Foot Gallery and Casa-Museo Boschi Di Stefano. She is looking to pursue a career in the museum and heritage sector, with a specific interest in Curatorship and Museology.

Rose Berry (b. 1999) is an English Literature and History of Art (MA) student at the University of Glasgow. She is an intern and researcher at the Hunterian Art Gallery, and an exhibition invigilator at 16 Nicholson Street, both based in Glasgow. She is interested in non-Western art, particularly Indigenous landscape art of the Americas.

Belen De Bacco (b. 1999) is a History of Art and English Literature student at the University of Glasgow. She is a co-founder, manager and editor of ArtGate. She has collaborated with a variety of museums and art festivals such as Deptford X, The Hunterian Art Gallery and the Centre for Contemporary Arts. She is particularly interested in Museology and Arts and Heritage Management.


The artist states:​

  • There will be flashing or strobe lighting but we will provide clear advance warning

  • Accessible information/bodies of text will be available (ie text only version readily available or on request etc.)

  • Live captioning will be provided

*Please get in touch with the artist directly if you require more details.*

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