Want to get involved in this year's festival?

Calling Glasgow based artists, musicians, performers, community groups, schools, organisations and creative members of the public! We encourage people from all backgrounds to get excited about sharing art and ideas within the social distancing restrictions we have grown accustomed to and join the festival programme! 
We invite artists to reflect on their experience of the ongoing pandemic, using alternative, domestic and public spaces to exhibit their art.


Participating artists are expected to be responsible for finding their own venue for the festival, that they will have negotiated terms of use for in advance of applying, with the owner or person/organisation in charge of the space. We are hoping to get some donated spaces via website applications, but these will be prioritised for our community engagement work first & are very unknown at this stage. 

This initial 'register of interest' stage of the application process is part of the festival team's research and development phase of planning for the festival. We are hoping to get a clearer idea of where, who, and what will be involved in this year's festival. This will be followed by a second, more detailed and formal 'Open Call' for applications as we enter the summer, once we have received decisions about what level of funding we will be awarded and therefore what level of support we can offer to participating artists.

beautiful window displays in flats and houses across the city,
a collaborative sculpture in a garden or park,
a drive-in-cinema,
wall murals,
postal projects,
painted shop-shutters,
online performances,
online discussions,
watch together and discuss film screenings,
doorstep performances
or art taking over advertising spaces!

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Register your interest in taking part in the festival here

Accessibility: We encourage applications from people with additional accessibility needs. This application form is available as a larger print document and can be sent out in print form if required. We would also consider telephone, handwritten, or video applications for those that would prefer.

For more information about how the organisation can offer extra support to achieve better accessibility please contact us.