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Procession for the Unemployed Craftsman
Fibi Cowley
Outdoor | Public Park
mon: 6.30pm
Venue 18:
Alexandra Park
Alexandra Parade
G31 3HT

Visual Art, Participatory / Community Engaged Art, Performance

Those who identify with the term 'unemployed craftsman' (and other interested parties) are invited to join us for a spirited walk through Alexandra Park. Renovated in the 1860s, the park’s existence marks the work of hundreds of unemployed artisans and labourers who were occupied by the renovation of the park during the great trade depression. As a new generation of out of work artists, we will return to the site to replenish our mottled morale. A procession lead by litter-costumed performers, the walk will culminate with a spoken word performance at the now decrepit Walter MacFarlane Saracen Fountain, and each participant will be invited to pick a piece of litter out of the fountain and place it into an un-ceremonious bin-bag, thus reclaiming it as a monument to Glasgow’s fertile creative communities of past, present and future.

The performance pays homage to the hundreds of unemployed craftsmen who were occupied with the renovation of the park during the great trade depression. Based on this local history, the artist is seeking to restore the site as a monument to Glasgow's fertile creative communities and to inspire hope within local participants by drawing historic parallels between times of hardship.

Fibi Cowley is a Glasgow based video, performance and sculpture maker whose research centers the anthropological history of the communal trance, hauntology and the persistent usefulness of non rational human phenomena.


The artist states:

  • We will be giving clear advance warning for disturbing or upsetting images or footage

  • There are public transport links nearby

  • The paths we will follow will be fully wheelchair accessible

  • The spoken word piece will be available in print

*The above information has been provided by the artist and is subject to change due to covid and other factors. Please get in touch with the artist or venue directly if you require more details.*

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