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Polytope of BOOM
3M [Aimo Scampa, Ewa Justka, Laurie Paul]
Other Outdoor | Oil-rig Lifeboat
Fri/Sat/Sun: 7 - 9 pm
Venue 10:
Applecross Street
G4 9SP

Visual Art, Performance, Music

canal boat.jpg

BOOM lingers its sinister shadow over the simpering water of the canal, the scratched fibreglass contains a fury of light and sound.

3M present a spectacle of disorientation as they perform homage to Xenakis' phantasmagoric Polytopes.

Cosmogonies in marine urbanology and light.

The Xenakis' Polytopes happened in the Baths of Cluny, ancient thermal baths in France. For 3M, it's all happening on the sweet juncture of Maryhill, Possil and Firhill. Where the best people are.

An immersive interaction between mirror, light and sound much like Xenakis' original but improved for Glasgow.

The implementation of ideas from Xenakis' Polytopes on an existing vessel moored in town provides a site-specific opportunity for the artists to experiment with their electronic work and the boat's surroundings. Laurie lives aboard and has been chatting to everyone who passes and he thinks the people he's spoken to will love this sort of thing. Grandiose spectacle on a very unusual new addition to the area.


Booking is now required for the performance. The artists have had to adapt due to rain posing a risk to their equipment. Book a 30 minute slot to see the show - which has moved from outdoor to a more enclosed but ventilated, covered area.


Book tickets here

"1 Ticket admits one family or household group. Two groups can book in per half-hour slot. Please arrive at the start of your time slot ( not at the end of it) for guaranteed admission. Covid safety precautions must be followed as this is in a primarily indoor installation. Masks to be worn, hand sanitiser will be available. Hosts will be regularly taking lateral flow tests.​ There is a large step up to the boat and so it may be unsuitable for some access issues please contact us to confirm how we can facilitate you."

Aimo Scampa is a winemaker, electronic musician, instrument interface designer and synth prodigy.
Laurie Paul is an extravagant polyglot with extraordinary vocabulary and a capacity for misadventure.
Ewa Justka non-utilitarian synth maker and an educator. Her hobbies include getting lost in rabbit holes and producing quantum speed bpms.


The artist states:

  • We will be giving clear advance warning for disturbing or upsetting images or footage

  • Information or printed text will be accessible (ie large form print readily available or on request etc.)

  • There will be flashing or strobe lighting

  • The towpath is easily accessible and without steps from possil road. However, the show has had to move inside the boat due to weather conditions for the weekend so it is not accessible to those who have additional access needs. The 3M team will be on hand to try to support anyone who wants access as best we can.

*The above information has been provided by the artist and is subject to change due to covid and other factors. Please get in touch with the artist or venue directly if you require more details.*

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