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Pen Pals
Artist Support Group [Eleanor Paul, Lotte Fisher, Hayley Whelan, Nancy Wallace, Koren Dumbleton, Mary Watson & Alana Brown]
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Visual Art

The artists state:
Pen Pals is a postal project we have been working on over the past few months. We have been playing a game of 'Exquisite Corpse' or 'Consequences' with each other across the UK (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Newcastle, and Perth). We have created characters and stories that bring together our different creative slants.

The process has been a gentle reintroduction to making and communicating creatively. We each started a work that made its way between us by post, slowly growing and changing. We all usually work in different mediums, creating within the boundaries of these games, has brought about a blending of approaches. After a stressful and very digital heavy year, it has been great to send envelopes of joy and light-heartedness to each other and we look forward to sharing them as part of the festival.

Pen Pals will be available to view online for the duration of the festival. A limited number of physical zine copies of the work will be available for free. You can request these online or via text (07704280787) to receive in the post or collect locally.

Pen Pals is a group of seven female artists (Alana, El, Hayley, Lotte, Koren Mary and Nancy) who wanted to do a fun project for GOHAF. Their primary aim was to enjoy making collaboratively, without the stress or pressure that can often arise when making for exhibition or the public realm. To eliminate such pressures, they chose the format of two games, setting the boundaries for the project, this allowed the group simply to create and enjoy working creatively together.

Since their art school days, they have all moved in different directions professionally, this project brought about the opportunity to rekindle creative activity. This collective is all about creating a supportive and fun environment with the main purpose of keeping in touch.

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Nancy Wallace -

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Eleanor Paul -

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The artist states:​

  • Alt text will be used for any images

  • Physical copies are available for free requested on the site or via text.

*Please get in touch with the artist directly if you require more details.*

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