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Conor Baird & Alejandro Ruiz
Window | Domestic
8-9pm: fri | sat | sun
Venue 30:
29 Algie Street
G41 3DJ

Visual Art, Performance

The artists will use a window in their flat as a screen for projected performances to explore a shared interest in the body, materiality and privacy.


Baird and Ruiz are currently embarking upon an experimental collaboration in performance and projections. They are responding to their shared interests in the body as a tool, method and concept carrier for performing narratives in sculptural and textural materialities.

Using a window in their flat as an opportunity to display results of this collaboration – most likely to be projected live performances viewable from outside – the window will become a screen of expanded cinema using light, analogue and digital projections in conjunction with bodily interactions. They will collage prefabricated objects and fleshy materials with imagery from; local surroundings, spaces of privacy and personal domesticity.

Baird and Ruiz are interested in the window as a metaphor of public and private intimacies, a gateway to what is exposed and what is concealed, and how the window can become a form of post-jewellery, an amplified living skin to witness.

Conor Baird is an artist whose work makes use of subversive dramaturgies in performance, film and text to intimately unpack and make mess of personal narratives around intimacy, shame, belonging and violence. His training and approach to time-based work stems from the former Sculpture Undergraduate at Gray’s School of Art, and the recent Theatre & Performance Practices Masters at University of Glasgow. Conor participated in the alternative postgrad programme Syllabus III, and was a Committee Member at Market Gallery.

Alejandro Ruiz is a multi-disciplinary artist, who has studied Fine Arts in Spain and is currently studying Silversmithing & Jewellery Design at Glasgow School of Art. His work seeks to throw a reflection and address a concept, inspired by contemporary paradigms, experimenting and supporting the release of jewellery as an artistic language. Social design is about designing relationships instead of things, we can learn by playing.


The artist states:​

  • The pavement where the window is viewable is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or pram etc.

*The above information has been provided by the artist and is subject to change due to covid and other factors. Please get in touch with the artist or venue directly if you require more details.*

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