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Mal Ville
Paula Doherty & Lotte Fisher
Garden | Domestic
All: 11am - 5pm
Venue 25:
33 Melville Street
G41 2JL

Visual Art, Participatory / Community Engaged Art

Come to our garden to adventure into an alternative world of other earthlings…
An interactive installation responding to the natural world and weather elements in order to create new interpretations of objects, tools and architecture. From sculptural weather reading apparatus, to pit firing pots, join us in reimagining how we can interact with the world around us and shape new communities.

Paula Doherty predominately makes interactive ceramics. Her work is a continuing exploration into themes of nature and humanity, how these groups intersect, and how hierarchy influences how we interact with the world around us. Her objects often generate a shared action/experience between human and natural entity. 

Lotte Fisher’s practice is an investigation into an alternate world. Using a wide variety of materials, she reflects politics, nature and architecture back at us in strange and humorous ways. She engages the audience by creating playful or disturbing scenes.

As a new collaborative duo, Lotte and Paula hope to use their work as a welcoming space which invites interaction from all ages, abilities and social backgrounds.


The artist states:

  • We will be giving clear advance warning for disturbing or upsetting images or footage

  • Information or printed text will be accessible (ie large form print readily available or on request etc.)

  • Due to the nature of access to the garden, the exhibition will unfortunately not be wheelchair accessible.

  • There is one step up to get from street level into the tenement close. To get to the back garden, it is a short way on the same level and then a descent of 10 steps to the garden.

*The above information has been provided by the artist and is subject to change due to covid and other factors. Please get in touch with the artist or venue directly if you require more details.*

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