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Daisy Iles
All day: fri | sat | sun | mon
Window | Domestic
Venue 2:
23 Blackfriar's Street
G1 1BL

Visual Art

Hanging paintings in the stairwell windows of 23 Blackfriars Street that communicate a joy in ordinariness with a collage-like aesthetic. Colour, form and texture are important in Daisy's work.

Daisy's work has an aesthetic which translates joy in art-making and an appreciation for the materiality of things. Drawing is essential to her practice. She draws from memory and from observation. She draws with collage and paints from drawings.

When Daisy works from memory, she starts by making a list. She lists; her surrounds, things she has done over a short time period, interactions, people and objects that she remembers and places she has visited. Daisy then draws from this list. Alternatively, she draws from observation. She then uses the drawings and collages to make new work. With her experiences being repetitive this year her lists contain a lot of the same things. Repetition has been an amplifier in translating her experiences.

Daisy's paintings are a direct response to her daily lists.

Daisy is a painter from Glasgow, she makes work to communicate her experiences. She works from memory and from observation. Drawing is at the core of her practice, she uses it as a tool to capture moments through colour, form and texture. In her work, she hopes to communicate the materiality of things and her enjoyment in them.



The artist states:

  • The window is street level

  • The pavement where the window is viewable is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or pram etc.

  • It is close to public transport links

*The above information has been provided by the artist and is subject to change due to covid and other factors. Please get in touch with the artist directly if you require more details.*

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