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Emerging From Hibernation Flags
Spud Collective [Issey Medd & Verity Pease]
Garden | Domestic
All: fri | sat | sun | mon
Venue 24:
63 Minard Road
G41 2EH

Visual Art

These two large illustrated flags fly in celebration, marking an opening up and the re-emergence of possibility as we are slowly able to do things again. Feelings of apprehension and nervousness around change are reflected in the design, which is based around a character coming out of hibernation. This little creature overcomes fear and doubt to join the festivity above ground. Taking inspiration from the bright flags that dance in fields at festivals, this project communicates optimism and joy in its form whilst also reflecting on the apprehension and uncertainties felt when emerging from a period of hibernation. These flags reflect our conflicting feelings as we emerge out of lockdown into simultaneous feelings of doubt and excitement.

Issey Medd and Verity Pease are illustrators based in Scotland. Having studied at the Edinburgh College of Art and the Glasgow School of Art they came together to form Spud Collective — a group specialising in quirky stories and funny characters with an emphasis on collaboration and community. Using printmaking techniques such as Risography and Linocutting, they create fun and colourful designs rooted in everyday observations with imaginative twists and a nod to the magical. Spud is passionate about making accessible work reflecting Scotland's diverse communities, especially within Glasgow and the surrounding areas.


The artist states:

  • Accessible from the public street.

*Please get in touch with the artist directly if you require more details.*

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