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Art is Work, Rethinking the 'In Kind' Funding Model
Rhona Sword
Online | Essay

Visual Art, Politics

Whilst art might be viewed as a noble vocation, there is nothing noble about not being able to pay rent. This essay intends to re-evaluate the notion of the 'in kind' funding model in line with current critique from other artists in the GOHAF programme such as Janie Nicoll and Ailie Rutherford, whose work includes the 'In Kind' project, and Toby Lloyd's UBI Lab Workshop, using ideas such as UBI to propose alternative solutions to current crises in the art world.

Rhona Sword is a recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, specialising in Painting and Printmaking. Frustrated by the lack of support and opportunities for young graduates, she is now focussing on carrying out research within cultural institutions to investigate the solutions for representation and equality in early-career artists.

Instagram: @rhonasword, Twitter: @rhonasword

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