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If you are an organisation, school or community group and would like to take part in this year's festival, please get in touch to discuss how you could be involved!

Community Engagement
Advocating for more opportunities and better access to art & creative play for everyone

Upcoming projects
In order to include as many projects and artworks across Glasgow in our festival weekend as possible we will be working with organisations and community groups already supporting diverse creative output in the city.
 This year are partnering again with organisations that share our vision, to build resources for people of all abilities to be able to take part in the festival programme from their home! Find out more here.

Support us to achieve our vision of a truly inclusive festival

Bringing together community arts organisations and professional artists, in order to form a non-hierarchical network and celebration of all art and cultural activity in the city.

Since the introduction of social distancing rules and lockdown restrictions on our daily lives, it has become even more apparent just how important culture and the arts are for our mental health and well being. We believe the arts are integral to human happiness and should not be accessible only by a privileged few. In order to improve accessibility for artists and audiences of all backgrounds,  we need to discuss the impact of class, gender and other forms of inequality on people’s ability to access art education, and the space and time to have a creative ‘practice’ at all. This year the festival team hopes to advocate for change using our upcoming blog. We will be asking participating artists and organisations to share their stories and experiences of the pandemic, and encouraging them to help us envision an improved and more inclusive future for the ecology of the ‘art world’.

advocacy for better access to the arts

How we plan to tackle issues of inclusion and equality

Glasgow Open House Arts Festival is committed to tackling issues of inclusion and equality. In order to make sure we engage & include the diverse groups of artists and audiences set out in our constitution, we have begun the process of forming an 'advisory committee' to provide support to the festival team

More information about this year's festival

previous projects

We commissioned a project in partnership with Colour Hotel and Project Ability to create colourful flags dotted around the city marking all festival venues.

Building on the projects and partnerships formed from previous festivals, we worked on a similar commission with several fantastic organisations based in Glasgow: The Coach House Trust, Project Ability and the Women’s Art Group at Milk Café. Artists and participants created characterful flags and ceramic tiles to mark all festival venues.

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