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DST (DistanceSpeedTime) [Celia Garcia, Julie Laing, Leo Plumb, Leila Alice Smith & Sebastian Mary Tay]
Online | Exhibition
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Visual Art

CLOSYR is a virtual, interdisciplinary exhibition by the DST collective. Works encompass photography, drawing, moving image, sculpture and text. It is a response to the dystopian experiences, and distortions of time and space, that they as individuals and as a collective are enduring throughout the pandemic. Physical distance has been disrupted during this period, therefore they are using the online space to bring us together and simulate/stimulate closeness. Through their creative practice and resulting works of art, they share imaginative if not physical spaces. CLOSYR also conjures the notion of the ‘close’, the communal stairwell in a Scottish tenement, which has become a site of potential risk rather than the extension of and entry point to home.

DST (DistanceSpeedTime) is a group of five contemporary artists with research-led practices. Their creative process and outputs derive from mutual conceptual interests and intellectual frameworks of inquiry. They share research methods which enhance their work while retaining individual approaches. DST – DistanceSpeedTime – is a mathematical formula designed to assist in calculating transitions and relationships between here and there, slow and fast, then and now. It is, in their interpretation, an access point; a resort to arithmetical certainty in fluid and uncertain situations. The co-dependence of this universal trio of measures is a reassuring counterpoint to the urgency and precarity that defines our experiences of working, creating and being in linked moments. The formula underpins their methodological approach. Through imagining spaces, however abstract, and drawing on elements of their past, present and future, they create works that invite reflection on the lived experience of space and time.


The artist states:​

  • We will be giving clear advance warning for disturbing or upsetting images or footage

  • There will be flashing or strobe lighting but we will provide clear advance warning

  • Subtitles will be provided for film

  • We have chosen to exhibit online to ensure accessibility within any changing Covid-19 restrictions and there will be no physical barriers to audience members attending.

  • We will use high-resolution images to enable zooming into images for the visually impaired, text and clickable links will also be enlargeable.

  • Alt-text to describe visual content and subtitles are required on any moving image. We will also ensure meaningful naming of links on the site.

*Please get in touch with the artist directly if you require more details.*

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