We hope this will become a space to discuss and advocate for the changes necessary to improve access to the arts for artists and audiences of all backgrounds.


GOHAF was founded with the vision of creating alternative spaces where art is accessible to the many. We see art as a powerful force capable of connecting people from all backgrounds, based on their shared humanity. We believe everyone should have access to the education, time and resources to spend significant amounts of time engaged in creative play. Although there has been a noticeable shift in attitudes to arts programming for diversity, it still feels like the ‘art world’ remains a closed off and privileged environment. We would like to be a voice advocating for change!

We want to create a collective platform to gather and share voices, stories and experiences of people’s interaction with art and the institutional structures that influence how it functions. 

Help us to uncover and showcase lost histories and hidden lived experiences of Glasgow's art world, from the city's changing relationship with arts accessibility to the impact of the pandemic. Help us imagine a better and more accessible ‘art world’!

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We are gathering your experiences to create articles, podcasts, videos and more. We want to collect conversations, interviews and readings with local artists, creatives and critical thinkers from diverse creative communities.

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Support us to achieve our vision of a truly inclusive festival