Glasgow Open House Arts Festival 2021 will be centred around bringing together and supporting what are commonly (and often problematically) termed outsider artists, community arts organisations & professional artists; in order to form a non-hierarchical network and celebration of all art activity in the city. 

about us

Glasgow Open House Arts Festival is a non-profit artist-led organisation that aims to improve access to the arts for everyone in three main ways: offering opportunities for artists from all backgrounds, expanding community engagement with art and providing new meaningful ‘spaces’ to engage with art and ideas. 

alternative spaces

Glasgow Open House Arts Festival encourages artists to use alternative, domestic and public spaces to exhibit their art. By 'removing' art from conventional spaces, such as galleries and museums, and embedding it within the very fabric of the city the festival hopes to bring together and support the community to engage with the arts both as artists and audiences, where they feel most comfortable.

In order for the festival to build a tangibly alternative model for the sharing of arts offered by galleries and museums, we will not be including any physical exhibitions or events that take place within a physical art gallery or museum building, rather encouraging participants to occupy spaces elsewhere within the heart of the community, or online. If you would like to discuss further or would like some ideas about how to get involved, we would love to hear from you!

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